About me

Why I am standing for the Legislative Council

I was born in Sydney to parents who shared a passion for making positive social change. They taught me we all have a responsibility to make the world a fairer place for everyone and this has informed many of my choices over the last 30 years.

For almost a decade in Canberra I played pivotal role delivering social policy research and advice to members of federal parliament and since moving to Tasmania in 2005 I’ve been a leader in the not-for-profit sector and a dedicated community advocate with a strong track record of advocating for laws and policies that build a fairer Tasmania, for everyone’s benefit. I’ve also held several Board Director positions on not-for-profit boards in the areas of the arts, education, and lgbtiqa+ equality.

I believe people are increasingly turned off politics because it is unnecessarily combative and seems to benefit powerful interests. Decades of experience at the frontline of change, and my personal experience as a transgender man, has taught me that we can combat this with strong, independent community voices and an evidence-based approach to solving complex problems. This is the approach I would bring as an Independent in the Legislative Council.

I am not naive about the prospects for this kind of change. But I believe we can and must do better: we need to transform how politics works and who it works for. I am ready to work with you to drive that change.

On a more personal note…

I’m very proud of my two teenage children, who challenge my thinking in many ways. They also give me hope for the future: their generation is feisty and won’t sit around waiting for change – they’ll make it happen!

My wonderful partner, Yvette, and I share a love of being outdoors, especially with our doggo, Scarlett. Weekends usually involve walking in one of Hobart’s many beautiful green spaces, and the occasional dog-friendly beer garden!

The rest of my family is scattered in other parts of Tasmania and the east coast of Australia. I’m very thankful for their love and support.