Independent and fair

I am excited to introduce myself as an independent candidate for the Tasmanian Legislative Council seat of Hobart in May 2024. 

The Legislative Council (the “Upper House”) is incredibly important. It reviews and can change the laws we are all expected to obey, and holds the government to account on its decisions. Its members should also speak up for and help their community.

Tasmania needs independent members of the Legislative Council so our decisions and laws build a fairer Tasmania for everyone’s benefit, not just the interests of political parties and wealthy donors seeking political favours. 


Charlie Burton is intelligent, principled and expert in public policy. He is the standout candidate at this election. It’s as simple as that.

Andrew Wilkie MP, Independent Member for Clark

I fully recommend Charlie for this very important role of review, best served by an independent whose vote is not tied to any party position.

Rob Valentine MLC, retiring Independent Member for Hobart

My Policy Priorities

Tasmania can be a wonderful state to live, learn, work, and play but many Tasmanians miss out on the basics, let alone the best this state has to offer. To start to change this, I will focus on these key areas:

Trust: Rebuild trust in politics with more transparency. Things like publishing Ministerial diaries, strong political donation laws, democratic planning systems, and an anti-corruption and integrity commission. We should also consider banning donations from industries like property developers, gambling, fossil fuels and alcohol and tobacco.

A fair go for all: stronger action to make sure everyone can afford the basics, especially –

  • Housing: the system is broken; we must use every lever to make the housing system work for everyone. A good start would be banning entire homes leaving the private rental market to become AirBnbs.
  • Health: more resources to prevent ill health, as well as investing in timely, accessible, and affordable healthcare across the state
  • Transport: accessible, affordable, low-emissions transport that supports participation in education, employment, caring and leisure in all parts of Tasmania

Future-focus: We need decisions that protect our economy and environment for future generations. This means no to salmon farms in our inland waterways, no to native forest logging and no to a stadium at Macquarie Point. It means YES to investing in education and industries that help us meet 21st century challenges, chief among them climate change.

How I Will Make A Difference

As an Independent I will be fully transparent about how I make my decisions, which will be guided by these kinds of questions:

  • What does the evidence tell us is the right solutions?
  • Have we heard from everyone who will be affected?
  • What is the right balance between economic, social and environmental benefits and costs, now and for the future?

I’ll use this information to support, oppose or amend government proposals. These kinds of questions will also guide my thinking in other areas of the Legislative Council’s work, such as committee inquiries.

You can count on me to always work for a fairer Tasmania.